Warmane Guides: January 29th – February 4th Events

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Here’s the occasion schedule for this week.


Short description of events:

40v40 BGs
Fight your enemy faction and see who triumphs! Warsong Gulch 40v40s!

Race occasion
Be the initial to reach the thrones and pass each of the obstacles.

1v1 Tournament
You realize your class? Prove it and win the 1v1 Tournament. Streamed on official channel.

Hide and Seek
Locate the hiding place, undergo mountains, rivers and get a prize for it!

Cow Darts
Be a living Cow Dart. Jump down together with your Tauren character and land on the target.

Bounty Hunt
Hunt the players having a cost on their head or are the 1 that’s becoming hunted. Your option.

A lot of the events will likely be described in announcements prior to the occasion beginning!

As often, all occasions are GMT/UTC and match our existing time which is shown on the web page. Bear in mind that the instances listed are subject to modify so please verify this schedule for the wanted events regularly. Also, we appreciate all feedback on the events provided that it really is constructive. In the event you have any concepts, really feel free of charge to post them here. We read them all.

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