Tree of Savior Review 2017

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Well, then you’re attempting to force your nonsense principles upon other gamers and developers? Interesting. Additionally I didn’t contradict my own point. It’s unbelievable that you would say that. Just because there could be two reasons (I didn’t conceive people had video game morals they wanted others to adhere to for absolutely no reason) doesn’t mean said reasons contradict each other. They’re merely the two reasons I could fathom why someone would be mad and call this “pay 2 win.”

I knew that many people wouldn’t be happy with that part of the video, but I’m sure everyone knows that the review only expresses my opinion. I, of course agree with you that TOS has unfair punishments to free players, specially with some abusive market restrictions, but I dont agree with the definition of pay to win, since I would save that definition to MMOs that sell items or skills only to paying players.

But in the end, we both agree that the game has some unfair advantages, right? I respect your opinion, our only disagreement is with terminology. Some people will fight about this kind of stuff, I think we can talk about it and respect eachother.

Unfair advantages? Well if you are looking at a regular token user and a non-user, yeah. Token users have many advantages, but thats just a trick how the devs want to encourage(?) players to buy tokens. Although being unable to trade without a token is a bit too much. I just dont want the game to use too many skinner box techniques like goddess blessed cubes.


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