Tree of Savior – Respective damage with different types of weapons

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This is a video showcasting every single skills and their respective damage with different types of weapons, in actual PVE situation against elite mobs, only cleave into cyclone matters, with all all the 4 self-buffs where 3 are constantly up.

Under request, showcasting current equipments, skill builds, attributes, and some gameplay of actual damage on some mobs.

Weapon –
+5 Magi Two-handed Sword (double critical gem 5 star) – Basic AoE mobbing weapon (mainly use for increase crit counts, Earth Tower I use this weapon), PvP I use it against high dodge char.

+5 Superior Twinblade – My main weapon for most situation, highest physical damage 2-hander in the game at the moment. PvP weapon against most character, as critical is futile in PvP especially against high con or full con character, white damage is higher with this, as seen in video. (e.g. Cleave 11k with this while cleave 9k with Magi 2-hander)

Catacombs Blade + Karacha Dagger – Plate monster and Plate armor user killer, does more damage against Plate if dual wield this 2 weapon, downside is skill damage does not get +10% bonus anymore and Crit attack does not get 50% boost due to not using Two-handed Sword(Highlander attribute).

Will you be using Phada instead of Sissel Bracelets? Curious about that now with the new patch. Also any updates you can give on anything you’ve changed to your chair/build/gear now with the new patch?

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