Tree of Savior – Pyromancer (Agny) 290 Dungeon Solo Full Run

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In a recent patch, our magic def and physical def got buffed. Having Grynas set with 4 yellow gems in pants and armor (5 star is enough) makes mobs only hit you for 1 damage just because of the high physical def value, make sure you buy aspersion from pardoner before you enter the 290. I dont even use shield anymore since the phys def is with dagger sufficient.

Can you advice me about my build please. now i have wiz1pyro2linker1Sor2warlock1 and i plan to reclass whatdoyouthink if i go wiz3link1sor2war1 what do you think whichbuild will work the old or the new one. Hope you answer me kindly.

i am not a big fan of Sorc, eighter i am experienced with them But what i can tell you, is that its not worth taking Warlock at Rank8, if you did not pick it at Rank 7 too. Warlock3 is prolly getting really strong since almost every circle 3 has gotten in the past on classes really strong. So you wanna be ready to pick that on Rank9 =) I also wanna mention that Linker1 is not great for pyros since the links break really fast after a short amount of hits. So if you go Pyro + Linker, make sure linker is atleast circle2.

This is kinda a low budget build, since you primary only need to invest in the Fire Ball attribute, which is pretty much affordable since its only a class “tier2” skill . I am using sage in this build mainly to duplicate my fireballs on the stronger mobs in the 290 dungeon, like the spearmans, assasins and archers. This is important, since you have after the swell body only 15 seconds for the kill, to get the double loot/exp. so casting 4 fireballs with duplicate does the job on those mobs.

If it gets critcal because you get knocked down, you can add a flameground, fire pillar or fire wall. This usually happens, when you have a mix of those vilkas (that have the knockdown skill) and other mobs. Lately i increased my damage by swapping to my karacha dagger instead of using a shield. imho is the shield not really needed if you have the grynas set with 5* yellow gems in armor + pants and pardoner buffs. Overall it increased my damage by switching to offhand dagger by about 10% since you gain matk from “swell right arm” instead of gaining the protection buff if you are wearing a shield.

Why did i pick Sage over Pyro3? Well, the main reason is, you have more burst, since you can cast 4 fireballs with micro dimension (+duplicate attribute) and you gain also protection with missile hole. Missile hole is great , in case you need this build also for orange 315 material farming. On some maps are some nasty magic casting mobs, that can kill you without protection in a heartbeat. MH helps alot there.


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