Tree of Savior PvP VS Full Con Elementalist is Strong

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Its not just you man, those who have been playing for a while feel the same way. I have played some MMOs, but the most memorable and the one i liked the most was FFXI, a game where nothing was handed to you, you had to really work to lvup, make money and get equipment and form groups for almost anything you wanted to do.

Looking now at this modern MMOs, compared to FFXI they are way too easy and when companies try to create hardcore games then the big mass starts to complain that they dont want games that feel like a job, so they are forced to make them casual where you are rewarded even for loggin in….

If you ask me these games are BS, there is no challenge anymore, hardcore gamers have been cast aside because we are the minority, you dont feel like these days where you completed a really hard mission, or got recognized by the group because of how well you tanked the boss or healed the raid, all that is gone thanks to the dumb mass of people that wants everything without putting the effort just to quit the game 3 months later.

I agree the new MMORPGs are too easy. You can easily solo stuff now, I would like it be more group oriented like this. There will also be forms of soloing but when it comes to bosses and raid bosses, they should make them much harder.

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