Tree of Savior – New Player’s Guide

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I just started playing and its so nostalgic
Im ok with grinding in games like this but honestly, it gets bored when there is no challenge, why does the game have to be so easy, I know it gets harder, but ots just a faceroll. I can have mobs hitting me on resting mode and I heal more than the dage they do. Wish there was more of a challenge on world mobs and bosses.

Thanks mate, looking at this video seems like there is quite some depth in the game. Haven’t touched the game yet, but looking forward to playing it soon.

Normal attacks aren’t that great later on in the game. Monsters do far too much damage at higher levels for you to stand there and smack them over the head a couple dozen times. The build in the video is Swordsman/Peltasta/Barbarian. Lots of ways you can go from there but I would advise against heavy auto attack builds.

No guide can exist for him because Commander LoadFail is completely busted. Whoever programmed that boss should be publically flogged. 20 whacks right on the bellend.

too bad there is no sandbox mode for us to test all the classes and builds. With so many classes they should have thought about this. Besides, I prefer to stick to a flexible build and not the so typical ragnarok pure one stats build cause they are stupid af.

Indeed, but i dont mind when fremium is well implemented… if you have to pay to get better looking stuff, or for resets or things like that i dont mind. When affects gameplay it annoys me.

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