Tree of Savior – Leveling Guide 100-200, Missions, Dungeons, Dullahan & Grinding Spots

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Nothing to do with a guide but I’ve been grinding for a fox mask and 5 hours later of farming I got 150k, 6 storm rod recipes, plat greaves-gloves, 7 star gems, 4 green gems, 100+ madakia horns, 3 rune pendants, 14 mauros cores, and I think that’s it. Now what’s wrong with this? No fox masks or even super rare drops. I could probably sell the stuff I have to buy the mask for 200k, but am I going to? Hell no. I don’t care if the fox mask drop rate is .09 percent that thing is not worth 200k+. God, also freaking leveled in there from 103 to 104 and class leveled up. Oh well I am done ranting back to grinding. I will actually pay attention to this guide once I am serious in leveling again.

I just recently reached Lvl.100 and have been grinding to my present level of 111. I’m Archer 1, Quarrel Shooter 1 and now Ranger 2. I’m so interested in knowing your build coz I can see you have 10K+ HP at Lvl.200!!! Amazing!!! When you were my level, do you mind telling me what your build was? What ratio do you follow? Also, THANKS A LOT for this guide. I’ve been playing less lately coz it’s become tiresome to just keep grinding. Now that I know of the Lvl.115 dungeon and the Mercenary Post, I think I might just keep playing. Imagine how I got to Lvl.111 without them? LOL.

its hard to get cleric classes from 110-120 though, i only hv 175 lv5 exp, and im currently only 111 lv, cleric doesnt hv much dps for the grinding spot unless u hv elmental atk so it works with yr blessiing buff…otherwise the grinding spot is useless for cleric class. PS: its hard to get a party lol for me.

Way to much nonsense information. Just explain where to go and what to do at level ranges. You are just mumbling and the worst part is that your level jumps all over the place. then you are 100, then 110 then 119 then 130. And everybody here is, how the hell did you got 119 those 10 scrolls are not going to get you there and those 4 daily’s are not going to bring you to 110, so you need to wait for a few days to advance? kinda pointless

way to much crap that makes lissening towards this, extremely annoying and frankly completely confusing. The video is pretty much impossible to get through because of this.

I would ask you to make a new video, and just talk about the level and how to get it. Leave out personal experiences / what your friends do etc. and you will have a video of 2-5 minutes instead a hour of mumbling about nothing.

just wanted to say thanks for a great 2 guides on this game. I’m glad I stumbled upon them. I wish there was some advice on what to do after 200 though, it seems hard to find anywhere and I’m wondering if it’s best to farm certain spots at certain levels. Thanks again for the great guides though.

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