Tree of Savior [KR] Rank 8 Sage Skill Introduction , Anti Range Class !

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Imo we could still see the skellie cloning come back. I think that they turned them down due to some bug/abuse which let you do a shitton of copies….especially since it was at the same time that they removed the ability to summon skeletons in cities. That said we will see. I hope that they give back the option…i mean…other classes got skills with atk dmg value of 11-14k << and we can’t clone our minions, meh. Would have been an awesome addition to our ranks.

I’m playing on NA server and i’m following this build too… but i’m wiz > cryo > kino > cryo 2 > cryo 3 > Rune > Wiz 2 > Wiz 3.. i choose wiz 3 because of Surespell, Quickcast and also magic missile. I want to max my ice damage and be a glass cannon with “Ice Pressure” combo against bosses.

now I’m in dilemma which class should I go for my ele warlock, should I go to warlock c2 or sage, coz warlock c2 doesn’t seem impressive, but if i chose sage I’m afraid warlock c3 at rank 9 will be awesome lol

anyway can’t wait to c SR c3, I’m rly curious about Limacon skill. I heard that skill will be changed into buff type skill just like running shot, is that true? and I’m curious about Assault Fire duration too.

yay thanks vonfreya, please post it if its done. also can you duplicate magic circles? like flame ground, flame pillar, hail, frost cloud, etc from yours only or also allies?

what do you think of wiz1 pyro3 link3 sage1? or wiz1 pyro3 link2 ff1 sage1? im considering link3 because it has more count limit which i can hit many more times while on the joint penalty.

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