Tree of Savior – Is It Pay 2 Win? Premium Currency Guide

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In this here Premium Currency Guide I will take you through all that is available for real money in Tree of Savior, answer the age old p2w question and give you some recommendations as to what you should consider spending money on if any.

Tree of Savior is currently in Early Access. To get in you have to buy one of the DLC packs on Steam. Any of the 3 packs will get you in, the pricier ones just have more goodies.

Restricting trading, multiple sales (u can only sell 1 item at time and even if u manage to sell it u have to wait about 48 hours to claim ur gold after it was reduced by 30% because of some “fee”), u can’t even use a shared storage for all ur chars unless u are “premium”, ALSO if u buy an item from their players market the potential gets reduced, the same happens if u (as token user) want to give an item to ur friend (who is not a token user), the potential gets reduced AND the item becomes untradeable…

Srsly i had good hopes on this game but these guys are WORSE THAN WEBZEN
THey charge for premium service despite their pathetic service, constant lag, 2 of their servers (SEA & SA) are constantly down or with 1800ping (if not in queue)

So fuck Tree of Savior, the market is saturated with free games or purchasable games that doesnt have all these restrictions and troubles and they plan to compete with them with all this bullshit? …. fck someone fire the retard behind the marketing ideas

This kind of crap on MMORPG these days are keeping me away from trying anything new… i preffer to go back to ol Classic Ragnarok Online or waiting for a Private server of Tree of Savior since they seem to have the same quality service of a cheap private server, just with extra charging money.

The token helps a lot, but extra exp rates have been used in multiple games just so you can hit the level cap faster. The market is pretty useless stop taxing shit, a lot of people trade more valuable items. Being able to learn attributes helps a lot, but doesn’t mean much it will only help with leveling you, don’t need max attributes till end game, this is going to take a while no matter what. Token is only worth 400k now and will probably consistently go down because 2 weeks ago it was 800k plus. Enchants are kind of useless unless you get a good level 3 enchant. I think if the tp shop sold the arde dagger or something better and had multiple items you could just buy it would be pay2win. If your not a silver buyer you actually have to grind for items. It doesn’t really matter though the majority of people will give up on this game when they reach level 165-175. I only have a few friends that log on now that I met in game rather than real life.

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