Tree of Savior – How to 1 shot at low levels / What Gear To Use

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I have a caprisun set and it only deals 12 additional dmg where my normal attack deals 140. im lv 36. why it doesnt do 100+ dmg? i feel like it useless now.

Nice video as always, ended up going for that set but the area where the mob spawns has botters galore so i gave up and moved on with questing instead.

This additional effect also apply for target type effect making weapon like Isbality which have 340 against devil roll on the effect making it extremely potent weapon. ( not sure if that can crit though, need testing).

You can fix that annoying smoke/fog gitching effect by turning off “Apply background effects” in your graphics settings. The fog will dissapear, But it sure beats that annoying flickering..

this was helpful. i have one request, can you make a video with the addon that you are using. instructions on how to install will be usefull for me. thank you again and keep the good work.

I discount the enchant scrolls only because the RNG of getting something worth a dick is HIGHLY unlikely and ultimately the stats you get from these won’t make or break a build or character. Not to mention it’s a lot more cost effective to let someone else enchant headgear and buy the exact headgear you’re looking for stat-wise with in-game silver. Also, don’t quote me on this one, but I heard that in pvp the stats from headgear aren’t active.

What server do u recommend joining for playerbase? Im from europe and i saw there was a server with the tag [EU] does this mean its the best for me to join or could i join other servers and still get the same playerbase?

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