Tree Of Savior First Impressions “Is It Worth Playing?”

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Tree Of Savior (TOS) Is a Free To Play top down MMORPG released on steam on the 10th May 2016 and Published by Nexon, this game is a spiritual successor to Ragnarok Online and has a love hate art style which made me feel nostalgic, the basic story is to find a Goddess that once protected the world to save everyone from demons, Tree Of Savior features PVP, Dungeons and a lot of boss fights throughout the main story as well as an interesting combat system.

In this video I try out a Free To Play MMORPG Called Tree Of Savior that was recently available on Steam, The game’s set in high fantasy and features top down Gameplay, a story driven narrative, lots of boss fights, PVP, Dungeons and a few other things, Throughout this video you’ll watch my first impressions gameplay after going in blind to see how well Tree Of Savior teaches me how to play, I try my best to guide you through what’s going on and I’ll give you my thoughts about the game at the end of the video.

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