Tree of Savior – basic wizard guide

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One thing you forget to note about Ice Wall, it also can be used as an offensive ability. Using physical melee damage on the wall will make it shoot Ice Shards, which scale with your Int & Ice improving attributes/skills independantly of Ice Wall’s level, hitting it with a Staff’s C melee or a Sub weapon would hit 1 – 2 walls without proper investment into AoE Ratio from your melee attacks, but picking a class like Psychokino using Psychic Pressure.

which is a fast limitless AoE Melee physical move let you shoot a barrage of ice shards on the enemy and is by far one of the most powerful spell combo in the game as of now. Note that Psychic pressures also activates a hidden feature in Pyromancer’s Fireball, which let’s it explode rapidly in an AoE around itself.

if you want to be a support mage take chrono over thaumaturge. Chrono is so damn good. And yeah as you said sorcerer has problems. elementalist or chrono is probably the safest bet.

I know that Enchant Fire stacks with Sacrament but that doesn’t matter much because basic attacks just suck later on. They’re filler for archers and wizards at best… doesn’t make sense to invest so much into them.

like you said in the video, wizard is really squishy and needs a healer or a tank to function confortably, so if you are soloing you really need all the survivability you can get. I actually do advocate for more CON on wizards, and I think 1:1 is the bare minimum with (almost) any build. using plate armor isn’t just a bit of extra HP though, with the attribute you get 10% reduced damage, which is huge

I think I’ll make a video on this next because I think people are making a huge mistake soloing above ~150 ish anyway. The game just isn’t built for it and as you just said you have to jump through all sorts of ridiculous hoops to make it happen.

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