Tree Of Savior 24 Classes

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Yeah that is correct! It is not easy to find the hidden npc tho; because you have to search for the hidden location which has a hidden tunnel that leads to the hidden lair where the hidden npc lives. And after talking to the hidden npc he/she will instruct you to find several hidden items which is dropped only by hidden monsters that can only be found in hidden dungeons. Acquiring a hidden class is hard but it should be worth every effort and time spent to achieve it.

Tree Of Savior is a highly anticipated game in the 2015’s. Or we’ll wait until 2016? While waiting, Let’s look back 24 classes.
1. Monk,
2. Druid,
3. Elementalist,
4. Sapper,
5. Highlander,
6. Dievdirbys,
7. Ranger,
8. Oracle,
9. Hoplite,
11. Peltast,
12. Sorcerer
13. Cataphract,
14. Chronomancer,
15. Quarrel,
16. Bokor,
17. Thaumaturge,
18, Archer,
19. Pyromancer,
20. Centurion,
21. Linker
22. Psychokino,
23. Necromancer,
24. Sadhu.


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