There are ways to get this online game is respectable

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The party bug has been there like.. more than a week, and this one specially makes you want to leave the game. Imagine being a newbie playing with friends and BOOM! stuck! You close and open ToS, to get stuck again! and again and again… and you just leave.

once they fix server and/or at least apply some balance to the game i guess a lot of ppl will come back (dude i really want to play but i alredy lost 2 high level characters to changes and i will not level anything else till i’m sure what changes IMC will do to classes).

sry i dont understand ur question. i stoped playing 2-3 weeks after release, when i read the changes to cryomancer and kino ( i was playing cryo>kino), before that i was making a pure 2h doppel build, but now those need at least barbarian c1 (i took corsair c1) so i stoped that too.


i want to play again but, i dont know any of the rank 8 classes and i duno what changes they will really aply in iTOS and what will stay kTOS only. i dont want to start another character just to hit high level and have to reroll, alredy did it twice.

why is it happening? This is because nearly everyone is losing their patience with IMC. Enlighten me, which “major” update actually applied in iTOS and is proof beneficial? Pretty much none other than the Optimization update. Is kind of sadden how little the attention is drawn towards the ITOS vers.

It just looks like standard population decay, the game isn’t dying. If you want a real dead game just look at Battleborn. A lot of new players are being deterred from the stuck-while-questing bug that happens only when you’re in a party. If anything, that bug and the nameless gold-spamming bots deter more players from playing the game than ‘lol no content XD’.

It has a good reason tho… I myself and many many other here on the forum really tried to make the best out of the game, but after awhile I just got the feeling that the game really isn’t what i expected and goes down spiral with all it’s current flaws. No matter how much you want to like the game to succeed.

everyone will be back in 5 years when the game is fully patched and ready to go. also, everyone knows that even the best games take years after release to develop. you better stop making fun of my favorite game or i’m going to go on a memeing spree.

There are ways to get this online game is respectable, fun and enjoyable to play. We should open two different topics: one where give suggestions to add fun, balance and subtract monotony (changes in the class system, Player Killer system, etc.) and another where do an unofficial list of bugs, exploits and problems identified in the game both overall and detailed (like bad optimization).

I know we would be doing the work of IMC, but if they do not … I remember why I left the false Ragnarok Online 2 and I would not want this to become the failed Ragnarok Online 2.

You know nothing about how much money they’re actually making. And you’re sitting here speculating it’s survival? I’m pretty sure Granado Espada is still up and they still make content patches for it.. So.. yeah.. You’re an idiot. Go away.

What Tree of Savior really needs is a revamp of the lower levelling system, not an expansion. Theretically re-rolling new class combinations over and over was supposed to provide the game’s longeivity. However, re-rolling classes in Tree of Savior has got to be the most painfully BORING experience I’ve ever had in an MMORPG, for surprisingly unique reasons that I never imagined could be a thing.

The problem with Tree of Savior’s lower levelling experience is that it’s 80% non-combat quest based. Spawn rates are too low and dungeons are limited daily so you can’t rely on actual GAMEPLAY AND COMBAT to level. Instead, most exp from levelling comes from the quests that each character can do. And here’s where the game becomes boring and the re-rolling of characters pointless.

Basically, it doesn’t matter if you’re a magic-missile shooting wizard who fights entirely different from an in-your-face swordsman who’s combat gameplay is entirely different from a supporting healing cleric if the levelling process for all of them involves picking 10 flowers off the ground and giving them to the NPC.

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