Pyromancer Circle 3 High Level can solo any map Tree Of Savior

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Pyromancer Circle 3 High Level can solo any map,do solo any dungeon,siaulai mission. 100k hp elite mob is not the problem.

just need to buy sacrament and aspersion buff from pardoner shop (total cost around 2000-2500 per hr)
better to run hi def or mdef shield than arde dagger but if you can sustain the damage from mob, use arde.

because your most dps skill is close range. it’s better to use plate armor set. Tanky mage is the style to play for pyro. just cast and run around. let’s DOT do the job.

At around ilvl 230 fireball lv 15 upgrade lv 55 can do at least 25000 damage per 1 fireball. In conclusion only fireball skill can do 25000*2 dmg in 15 sec cooldown.

compare to bloodbath from featherfoot skill even lv 5 can do around 20000-25000 dmg per 32sec cooldown and can miss.

As you see when firewall lv 15 combo with joint penalty it can do dmg per cast around 60000up except mob with ice property that can remove tile instantly when they land.(Firewall 15 is good with any mob except fire and ice property)

Flameground is just a filler skill because it tick slower than fireball and firewall. just use when you want addtional dps and other skills still in cooldown only

So pyromancer circle 3+linker is viable and can solo in lategame content.

Linker c2 is not so bad at all for pyro. bacause hangman knot 10 add 1 second, in that additional 1 second is crucial for cast fireball and run. but not that necessary. bacause now monster gem can’t trade and i farm dandel gem with 2000 kills but no luck.

edit: hangman knot can’t stun some elite mob in high level map after 240

btw in party or when grinding because other melee can kick fireball away. so.. you know…

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