Path of exile 3.1 Templar Hierophant Build

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The Hierophant bargains and requires harm in unconventional procedures rather than in a straightforward way. Hierophants can utilize totems effectively, and possess the ability to summon two further totems, at the price of much less harm per totem. In addition, they function properly with builds that utilize high amounts of Mana by converting it into defensive bonuses. Templars who depend on many skills can take Illuminated Devotion to boost a lot of skills with one of three effective effects. Within this article, PoeCurrencyBuy share Path of exile 3.1 Templar Hierophant Build with Ancestral Warchief, Spell Totem Assistance Gems Skills for you personally.

[poe 3.1 Ancestral Warchief] Ghostly totems HOWA. 10k ES, 30k Evasion, 40% Block, 900k DPS. Guardian farmer on a spending budget

Will be the new hot attractive belt in town providing better damage and ES then past possibilities, I’ve changed the tree to optimise for its enjoy of base stats. The build gets base stats so naturally that the lowest stat should be dex at about 250.

Poe Abyss jewels are insane; this build can utilize the base ES on them exceptionally effectively. The new tree now only makes use of 1 Brute force solution jewel so it may grow to be greed out and get eight other sockets for the new Jewels.

Do not underestimate Int nodes. We take tiny pure ES nodes because of Int = ES + damage. Anything with Int in conjunction with other added benefits tends to be better. The smart can prevent the temptation to rush heart of thunder and get the superb hybrid stuff first rather.

+ Fortify
+ 10k+ ES
+ 40% Possibility to block (60% if you use Rumi’s)
+ 15k Evasion (30k with Jade flask) that’s about 66% opportunity to evade attacks

– Unbuffed 223,236 x 4 = 892,944
– Guardian DPS with flasks 235,549 x four = 942,196
– Legacy ring or Vaal haste customers 308,972 x four = 1,235,888 shaper DPS

[poe 3.1 Spell Totem Support] Lifting’s Quad Frostbolt Totems Hierophant – Sturdy League Starter!

The build is viable with no any significant changes for 3.1 War for the Atlas.
The only “real” distinction we are going to notice has slightly much less mana as a result of nerfs to the nodes behind the Mind More than Matter keystone.
This build continues to be a wholesome decision to start out in the Abyss league.

– Newbie and new league “friendly” – the build is somewhat basic in design and style and uncomplicated to understand
– Excellent evident speed each of the way up to tier 16 maps.
– Low cost, no exceptional items are expected, except for 2x Frozen Trail jewels.
– Viable for each hardcore and softcore gameplay!

-The single target harm just isn’t there. That said I had killed all of the guardians, except the hydra with this build, nevertheless, it was somewhat painful and slow.
– Your totems will destroy themselves on elemental reflect maps.


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