NPC is in Fedimian merc post mission “Seventunes”

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As we know there’s a quest that isn’t noticeable in game. Something like boss fight after talk to some stone or side quest that’s not show quest icon on NPC. But there’s something more hidden than those I mention above which require something to trigger quest.

Some requirement also missing. Would gladly if anyone try out and include it available after what level or specific quest. Lowest level that can start is 1-70 atm base from my character. If it still not work try clear all quest in map first.

NPC is in Fedimian merc post mission “Seventunes”. Not sure how to trigger npc to show up. Last time when run with party this NPC not show up at all. Some people in party don’t have torn diary part. But finally found NPC when I rerun mission again alone later.

In map Ramstis Ridge, At south east bridge island from Collapsed Sancturn area, NPC Errand Man will show up at 7:00 AM – around 8:00 AM. Seems like need to be in some angle from NPC to make him talk. Need a confirm that have to type number ‘xxxx’ is a requirement to trigger up his chat or not because he’s not chat when try typing number alone. (number will show in a fallen papers around this map).


The Sadhu Master is looking at you with a grin. Well I’m not see him/her there. Not sure if anything relate to pot in Ferdimian, I try talk to all pot I saw which some are a msg from some job master but not see anything relate to Sadhu master yet and nothing happen. From database it seem to trigger quest may related to Fossilized Lizard Amber item but I can’t confirm this.

I think to let ppl know that it’s exist is acceptable? Since the whole time I play even I happen to trigger some by accident I didn’t even know it’s different from normal quest till my friend tell me. There’s like 0 hint in game about it. Even you love to explore and talk to everything sometime that’s not enough to make it trigger. Unless you look info from somewhere.

I don’t mind to helping and I understand that IMC encourage player to do explore or pay attention to in-game optional detail. But isn’t it unfair to player who have no clue how to do it or don’t even realize it exist because they’ll just totally miss all this stuff.

Stele road and a couple blue quests related to the main story also give you +1 stat points, though I’d have to look around again to find the exact name of the quests. Usually it’s a chain of a couple blue quests that are in the same map as your story quest.

Correct me if I’m wrong, but I also think you get +1 stat point for doing all of ‘Goddess’ Ancient Garden’ quests, once you get the ‘Epigraphist’ title, but I could be mixing this up with Stele Road’s quests which are just before it.

The hidden quests for max stamina + potions may be a chain quest. I had the kill 100 monsters in forest of prayer from Urkus. The quest Military support from Titus in the starter zone, and the one from the Thamaturge master in Gateway of kings were not available.

While making list I taking quest as step by step and not finish em yet while taking in order that I wrote in my blog. Thamaturge quest not open up for me till I reach mage tower and clear all sub quest 1F,2F and 5F (Just test it again on steam before come back to edit my post). You may also need to re talk to em all before start her quest if not work after done those quest. Basically Thamaturge > All master > Thamaturge.

Lindt confirm by myself that you’ll need to completed all his blue quest first. Or else he won’t let you do hidden quest. Since I didn’t finish any hidden quest I take on KR and on steam I didn’t even take one quest from Titas and Thamaturge yet but can still get his quest.


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