New Event: Serial Trickster

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Hello, Game players!

In the world of TOS, not everything is what it seems… not during April Fools’ week, that is! Beware of the deceivers, or prepare to be fooled! See below for the details on the new event.

1. Period Event Time

From: the scheduled maintenance on March 28, 2017
To: the scheduled maintenance on April 4, 2017

2. Participation Method

– You will notice your companion looking a little heftier during the event period. Don’t worry though, your bulky buddy will increase your EXP gains by 20% the whole week!
(This buff will not apply to Hawk companions. They will still grow a little bigger, however.)

– A pesky little monster going by the name of Commander Lord Phail will appear in the cities of Klaipeda, Orsha and Fedimian. Defeat the snarky beast to receive a buff of +5 movement speed for 1 hour.
(This buff does not have a cooldown, but it is not stackable with itself or the Haste buff.)
(The Haste buff, when applied to a character with the Commander buff, will cancel the Commander buff.)

– Also, you can obtain a Totally Legit Cube from a mischievous Little Trickster NPC in the cities of Klaipeda, Orsha or Fedimian. The cube will drop equipment items you can’t get anywhere else… although they may not be exactly what you’re looking for.
(The Totally Legit Cube can only be obtained once per character during the event period.)

– Be nice to the Little Trickster and she’ll give you 50 April Feathers you can use to fool your friends and enemies.
(The April Feathers can only be obtained once per character per day.)

3. Totally Legit Cube

– Drops “totally legit” equipment items with a 7-day limit.
– Is not consumed when used.
– Has a cooldown time of 30 minutes.

4. April Feather Effects

– Use to perform one of 4 random actions:
1) Pretend to be frozen
2) Pretend to be asleep
3) Pretend to level up
4) Pretend to be incapable of combat

5. Important Tips

– All event items are untradable.
– Totally Legit Cubes and April Feathers will be deleted after the event period is over.
– April Feathers cannot be used while riding a companion or using Hanging Shot.
– The 50 April Feathers can only be received every 24 hours per character.
– This event is not meant to be taken seriously. Please think of it as just a way to play around during April Fools’.

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