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Can you give us a brief introduction to the team developing the mobile version of ArcheAge?
It’s the same core development team that created ArcheAge Online. You can expect ArcheAge Begins to reflect a deep understanding of the ArcheAge world – but deliver a fresh take via mobile.

Is ArcheAge Begins an MMO?
No. It’s an RPG. We’ve taken ArcheAge content and optimized it for mobile devices so that it’s easily accessible for all players. Of course, we have some fun MMORPG-like content in the works for future release.

The PC online version stands out for its sprawling maps, open world freedom, and innovative trading system. What’s unique about ArcheAge Begins?
ArcheAge Begins was designed to bring the strengths of the online game to the mobile platform. Players can engage in production activities like fishing/raising livestock and economic activities like manufacturing goods and trading. Or they can battle in territory wars.

What’s the story of ArcheAge Begins? Is it the same or a continuation of the ArcheAge Online?
The world of ArcheAge is vast and elaborate. ArcheAge Online doesn’t give a feel for the story at the heart of this world. ArcheAge Begins tells the story of the ancient heroes who shaped the world. (A prequel to the online version) Players will be able to follow the story line and play the heroes of old. Those new to ArcheAge can immerse themselves in the epic narrative. Existing players can discover the stories behind the heroes previously shrouded in mystery.

How big is the world of ArcheAge Begins? Are there sections of the world map that will feel familiar to ArcheAge online players?
ArcheAge Begins is set in the ruins and legendary sites of the online version.

Unlike the online game, ArcheAge Begins was developed using Unreal Engine 4. Does that mean its graphic visual style will be different?
All the characters and monsters have been redesigned specifically for mobile. While the online game designs are more realistic, ArcheAge Begins graphics are more vibrant.

What role will XLGames play in the development of ArcheAge Begins. How do you communicate?
To successfully target the global market, GAMEVIL will provide overall guidance and service the game. XL GAMES’ in-house mobile studio will develop the game.


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