Build a low-level toon cloth set type scout3

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Id recommend people take 1 scout to cap regardless and put some money into it, and keep a few budget cheapie scouts on the side. With the rampant rmt and afk farming we have in this game combined with constant market manipulation the scout 3 instanced dungeon income is by far the safest and most stable income you can have.

Is it effective (possible) to build a low-level toon cloth set type scout3 too? Rox (legwyn will be nice but not much on the market) top and bottom, protas boots and gloves(still looking) slot some blue (mdef) /yellow(pdef or red hp) gems to it. Weapon will start at 170 Khasti red gemmed.


Don’t obsess over your clear times guys, 330 high end scouts clear it in 12-15min, the 8min videos you see online are ktos players with 200mil bows, lv100 attributes and they skip the miniboss rooms. You are basically looking at a 10min difference from top to bottom, very marginal.

Yep, I finish 1st well over 50% of the time in saalus and other group events against drgs, srs, elememes, and the other typical meta dps roles. I never had any intrest in ET but overall the viewpoint that scout3 was only good for farming was just naïve, sadly the majority of the people in the forums just think something is one way, type that thought, then someome reads that thought, and when the next person asks about the previous thought they repeat the thought they just read…..and this vicious cycle continues until its deemed a fact.

I actually feel fletcher mergen is a waste though cuz mergen suck bulls without circling. Your mergen skills will all be like single target damage, but very weak compare to other r8 single target damage. Most of your dps will still come from your fletcher 3 despite going through Mergen.

All you get from mergen if no circling is a 3-target triple shot, a single target burst homing arrow, and a boss spike damage arrow rain, that’s it.

As for better gears, Scout 3 will actually be even better because split arrow is a % damage modifier, not flat damage, so the better the weapon, the better the Scout 3. People with just stage 5 ascention can already clear 145 in less than 10 mins.

Last note, Falconer mergen’s aoe capability is almost on par with the strongest aoe class in the game: Mage 3 Ele 3 Warlock 2. If you actually do temple with it, you can see how good it is when there’re so many mobs.
The team doesn’t even need linker. (Linker is actually worse there because it only chain maximum 10, whereas warlock 2 and falconer mergen can hit up to 50+ target and kill all of them at once).

I still need some more info regarding the item (Cube) drops on the new 170Dungeon. with the increased clear time with the same Silver value. i would prefer to run Legwyn dungeon instead (130D, will be 140D soon). with less silver gain but faster clear time.

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